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An innovative qualitative research and consumer insights agency that helps clients with actionable insights by decoding business problems through the lens of culture, consumer behaviour and client context as well as adopting newer frameworks, methods and embracing technology more suited to current times.  

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New Age Consumer Insights


Our core competency lies in mining consumer insights and understanding the human truths that dictate consumer behaviour. Our journey thus far has translated into building competencies around the entire research ecosystem. 



Based on client specific needs, we undertake research studies across industries and cover a broad range of qualitative and hybrid  research studies. 



From time to time we undertake syndicated research to decode consumer trends - in general or for specific categories



From appreciation of qualitative research to advanced workshops on how to conduct research, we work with clients (& universities)  on imparting research skills to client teams

As part of our syndicated research offering, we organized panels specific to impact of COVID. As observers of consumer behavior, these panels provided us with a perfect opportunity to journey with consumers throughout the lockdown. With insights that we have discovered organizations will be able to gauge what trends are temporary and what are here to stay. The findings can be used to take a more informed call on how to recalibrate their engagement with consumers and rework their business strategies. A small sample of our findings related to media are demonstrated in the video below. Read more

Raison d'etre


new age approach

Technology adoption has changed consumer behavior as well as business models. Further there are new technologies available to facilitate research. Traditional approach to research cannot alone address new age requirements. Dragonfly recognized this shift early and has  been at the forefront of addressing challanges and leveraging new opportunities. This has been achieved proactively through

  • Recalibration of traditional methods and frameworks

  • Development and adoption of new methods and frameworks

  • Development and adoption of new technologies to facilitate research


cultural context

Our core expertise lies in the fact that we are cultural experts who are passionate about understanding the human mind and its motivators in a contextual framework.  By pooling in skills from  diverse disciplines like psychology, sociology, anthropology, behavioral economics, advertising, marketing and semiotics, our work is nuanced with significant cultural context 


boutique advantage

Personal involvement of partners with singular and unwavering focus on projects ensures we continuously deliver value exceeding client expectations. From understanding  the business problem, to designing the study, analysing data and drawing actionable insights, our clients benefit from very extensive, rich and diverse experience that we bring along. This also allows us to 'buck' the 'quick and dirty' trend while continuing to be agile. 


Dragonfly team is led by career researchers with decades of individual experience, The team comprises members who bring in diverse perspectives from disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology, behavioural economics, advertising, marketing and semiotics. Further on need basis, our team of expert advisors bring in the crucial line experience from diverse set of industries.  


Managing Partner





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