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Dragnfly Spirit

Our Story

Dragonfly’s story began in August 2008 when two young researchers driven by their hardcore passion for qualitative research decided to open their own boutique firm that would help Clients with not just consumer insights but also arrive at strategic business solutions. Madhulika Katiyar & Gaurav Shah, both seasoned researchers set sail on this journey together and while Madhulika continues to lead Dragonfly, Gaurav helps as an advisor while he pursues other passions.


Since then the team has expanded continuously with many more extremely talented researchers coming onboard. With a diverse set of clients, Dragonfly has established itself as a leading qualitative research agency which is driven to provide strategic inputs & actionable insights. 

Raisn d'etre

Raison d'etre


new age approach

Technology adoption has changed consumer behavior as well as business models. Further there are new technologies available to facilitate research. Traditional approach to research cannot alone address new age requirements. Dragonfly recognized this shift early and has  been at the forefront of addressing challanges and leveraging new opportunities. This has been achieved proactively through

  • Recalibration of traditional methods and frameworks

  • Development and adoption of new methods and frameworks

  • Development and adoption of new technologies to facilitate research


cultural context

Our core expertise lies in the fact that we are cultural experts who are passionate about understanding the human mind and its motivators in a contextual framework.  By pooling in skills from  diverse disciplines like psychology, sociology, anthropology, behavioral economics, advertising, marketing and semiotics, our work is nuanced with significant cultural context 


boutique advantage

Personal involvement of partners with singular and unwavering focus on projects ensures we continuously deliver value exceeding client expectations. From understanding  the business problem, to designing the study, analysing data and drawing actionable insights, our clients benefit from very extensive, rich and diverse experience that we bring along. This also allows us to 'buck' the 'quick and dirty' trend while continuing to be agile. 


Dragonfly is led by three very seasoned, passionate and hands on  researchers. Other than directly handling research, they provide overall strategy and direction to Dragonfly. As partners they also have specific areas of responsibilities

  • Madhulika as founder and managing partner is responsible for strategy

  • Shilpa as a partner also owns the  administration and operations 

  • Ameya as a partner is leading the way with Qual-tech practice


Managing Partner





Experts Panel

The Team

Our team is the most critical cog in the wheel, that's what it gives us the advantage. Each of our team members are passionate about research and driven to deliver sharp insights to our clients. Satisfying the clients is not their objective, getting them delighted is.  

The Team

Madhulika Katiyar

Madhulika Katiyar is a seasoned research professional and the founding partner of Dragonfly, which she founded in 2008 with a simple & clear vision of being the consumer insights partner clients would trust for their qualitative research needs. Over last 12 years she's partnered with many top clients across BFSI, media, automotive, FMCG, retail and many more categories, and has  delivered insightful work that has helped brands charter their course. In her career, she has varied experience both within India & internationally.


When she has time on her hands, you will find her in the gym (now possibly cultfit app!), reading (she is particularly fond of fiction), playing with her white furball (who is a guaranteed de-stressor), enjoying a beer, or a gin n tonic..and a single malt when it's strictly business! .  


She is an alumni of Miranda House, Delhi University.


Shilpa Shah

Shilpa’s interest is fuelled by her background in psychology and observing people around her. She likes to deep dive and focus on nuances to truly get rich insights and uncover key behaviour patterns. She has always enjoyed research for this reason – as it allows her to look at the big picture by putting the data together akin to a jigsaw puzzle & the ability to make it come alive via storytelling manner of presentation. Other things equally important to her are traveling, watching moves / web-series / shows, just plain chilling – surfing the net and enjoying a good chilled beer (or rather a stout)


Ameya Prabhu

Ameya Prabhu started his career with Dragonfly Market research and has had a homecoming after having dabbled in advertising and marketing. He leveraged his research skills to do a successful, award winning, stint as a planner at Ogilvy Mumbai, before moving on to a marketing profile at Kalpataru Limited. His passion for research and knack for identifying insights across a diverse set of consumers, is what brought him back to Dragonfly. He is now involved with developing the tech part of the business, in addition to business as usual


Aprajita Kalyani

Having selected her specialization basis elimination approach, whether it was choosing Commerce in junior college or graduating in Media Studies from Symbiosis; she finally found her subject of interest during an internship in consumer research.. She completed her PGDM in Marketing from NMIMS Bangalore and eventually landed up at Dragonfly in October 2017. Life since then has been about understanding various aspects from the consumers' POV and the dynamics that come with it keeps her interested. Also, assign her a project with fieldwork travel and give her a DSLR and you will see the best results (in pictures and in analysis). Oh and she sings too! :)

 #littlethingsmatter #nodramaplease #thefacesaysitall


Saachi Asthana

While working on her Master’s degree in Social & Cultural Psychology at LSE, London decided on taking up a career in the field of Market Research. Having lived in and travelled across several cities in and outside India, Saachi’s understanding of people and ability to take on challenges is a valuable asset in the field of research. She started her career with Dragonfly in 2016 and in over 3 years of rich and varied experience in the field, she has worked on a multitude of top brands across a wide array of industries including telecom, media, financial services and FMCG. She approaches her work with the aim of meeting client needs, delivering on expectations and also providing unique insights.  In her time off from work, Saachi enjoys travelling, dancing and binging on Bollywood movies!

 #GoodVibesOnly #DramaQueen #PizzaOverProjects


Manish Patil

Manish Patil started his career with Oracle Financial Services and went on to join TNS and
then Brandscapes Worldwide. He took a break from the corporate world to pursue his interests in
mobility, construction, eco-friendly products & logistics. Having dabbled his hand in multiple
verticals, he is now with Dragonfly, he has worked on projects in the BFSI, automotive, tobacco and
media categories. Automotive being his all-time favorite zone to be in. He loves travelling, any form
of machinery, Jet Fighters and is always up for a good craft beer.

Ramona new.jpg


Ramona started off her career in research with Dragonfly after 11 years in Digital and
Social Media marketing. Her interest in research is fuelled by a passion and curiosity for learning
about consumer behaviour to arrive at insightful solutions for clients. In her 11 years working in
digital marketing agencies and brand teams, she has gained rich and varied experience across
categories including publishing, matrimonials, art, FMCG, travel and CSR.
When not working, she enjoys food - both cooking and eating, singing, and playing the ukelele,
reading fiction and watching and talking about TV shows and movies.



Parinaz is a Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Marketing with a bachelor’s degree in
Psychology. This grounding has equipped her to approach qualitative research from a holistic lens
and translate consumer understanding to meet the client’s business objectives. During her 10 years
of research experience Parinaz has worked across renowned market research agencies such as IMRB
International and Third Eye Qualitative Researchers. Clients managed include Walt Disney Channel,
Cadbury’s, Viacom 18, Godrej, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Levi’s to name a few. She has worked extensively
on youth, media, personal care and lifestyle studies.
The most fulfilling and enjoyable part she looks forward to in any project is having an engaging
conversation with the consumers. When not working, she is either trekking, or watching TV with hot
piping cup of masala chai.

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