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Why Dragonfly

Qualitative research as a discipline requires a person to be an empathetic human being, have a curious and open mind, be a lifelong learner with an urge to pack ones bags and be out and about meeting consumers and soaking in experiences. 

Dragonfly stands out as an employer of choice for researchers for multiple reasons 

  • One of the best and top consumer insights firm in the country

  • Industry leader in Qual-tech (use of technology in research). Many innovative solutions and frameworks 

  • Simultaneously work on top brands across industries

  • Simultaneously work with industries, not boxed into silos

  • Working closely with most seasoned researchers and leadership from day 1

  • High ratio of strategic work

  • Learning and growth opportunities

  • Competitive compensation

  • Flat structure, open culture

Why Dragonfly


Before you contact us, it is important to understand that we are a boutique consumer insights firm with qualitative research at the core of what we do. We are NOT into quantitative research, and definitely NOT into equity/industry research. For better understanding of what we do, we suggest you  review sample projects that we have worked on.


In letter as well as spirit, Dragonfly is a flat organisation structure. From Managing partner to junior most employee, whatever titles they carry, everyone is a passionate hands on researcher to begin with.  Everyone's primary responsibility is to deliver sharp research and insights, and then there are some  additional responsibilities depending on role. 


Broadly there are 3 levels levels of hierarchy. Yet due to nature of organisation and work, even a fresher will not only interact but work on a day to day basis with partners at topmost level. 

  • Leadership (Partners)  - responsible for guiding strategic projects & generating business. 

  • Management (Managers)  - responsible for delivering end to end projects for multiple clients. 

  • Researcher- responsible for specific deliverables through the lifecycle of the project. 



With focus on being the best in industry and people being the most crucial ingredient for achieving the same, needless to say we are very selective about whom we hire. Broadly we are always looking for people with passion for consumer insights - passionate enough to look at consumer insights as long term career option. From specific skills, qualifications and experience perspective we are looking at following


Graduates and Postgraduates in Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Behavioural Economics, Marketing,  Market Research & Advertising.

  • For candidates with more than 5 years experience of consumer insights and research, education criterion can be waived off. 

  • Freshers need to have high academic scores (top 25%). Graduation from premium universities and colleges is a plus. 


Other than candidates with explicit consumer insights and qualitative research experience, we also value candidates with following experiences

  • Quantitative research

  • Account planning divisions of advertising agencies

  • Consumer insights division of client companies

  • Brand consulting firms

  • Design & Innovation consulting firms


Language & communications- thorough command of applied English is a must. High vocabulary, accurate grammar & creative expressions - both verbal and written. Additional spoken Indian  language is a plus. Ability to create and present insightful presentations. 

  • Curiosity - A key skill to go below the surface and ask right questions. Ability to pick up new topics and master them. 

  • Empathy & Listening - ability to extract more insightful data during conversations with respondents, ability to relate to respondents and be able to elicit more meaningful insights. 

  • Interpretive skills - ability to analyse data, read in between the lines, be able to crystallize into insights and  be able to explain the rationale

  • Interest in people and cultures, wanting to travel and learn about places and culture

  • Flexibility to handle overlapping of personal and professional time

  • Flexibility to travel to diverse set of locations within India and abroad - from metros to villages. 

  • Manage & Influence people - from clients, to vendors to team within the company

  • Project Management and coordination - manage deliverables, timelines, quality, coordination with stakeholders.


Work with Us

We are always open to meet anyone wanting to work with us. However we do request  that before you contact us, you go through this entire website in detail, esp. the careers page and have a good understanding of what we do and what research roles mean. 

You can reach us by filling out the contact form and providing your linked in profile details. 

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