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Project Examples

  • A large private sector bank wants to reposition itself as 'customer centric' bank. They have had phenomenal growth but with scale customer service levels have deteriorated. The bank wants to be become (and be seen as) the 'most' customer friendly. The agenda is board driven and CEO himself is driving the project. You are required to research the consumer and help the bank solve the issue. It requires very deep understanding of issues customers face and work with all stakeholders including employees, technology, media, marketing, ad agencies etc. to come out with a roadmap for changing the real experience as well as the perception. Further post the execution you are also required to research again and see if the needle has moved as planned, and recommend way forward


  • Top TV channel wants to launch a new show. It maybe a new, innovative but risky format, or it maybe another 'me too' format. Before significant investments are made on production and launch campaigns, it is required to research the pilots and provide inputs to the channel in order to ensure successful launch. This sometimes includes telling the channel to junk the show!


  • An automotive company wanted to launch a new SUV. You start with researching the need gaps of consumers and segmentation of owners of SUV. Basis inputs the company prepares a high level concept which you research and provide insights to the company to 'make a strategic call' of investing hundreds of millions of dollars. At various stages of design you research the product design, just before the launch you research the positioning of the product to fine-tune for 7 years of elapsed time, and finally you evaluate the launch campaign.

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