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Our core competency lies in mining consumer insights and understanding the human truths that dictate consumer behaviour. Our journey thus far has translated into building competencies around the entire research ecosystem. 




Based on client specific needs, we undertake research studies across industries and cover a broad range of qualitative and hybrid  research studies. 



From time to time we undertake syndicated research to decode consumer trends - in general or for specific categories



From appreciation of qualitative research to advanced workshops on how to conduct research, we work with clients (& universities)  on imparting research skills to client teams

Customized Research

Our range of solutions is comprehensive and covers research needs of clients across 2 main dimensions

  • Research Objective

  • Industry

research objective

We cover various high level research objectives namely - Branding, Positioning, Product/Service  Development Lifecycle , Customer Experience​. We categorize these as follows




  • Need Gaps

  • Idea Generation

  • Concept Testing

  • Prototype Testing

  • NPD

  • Design Thinking

  • Product Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Packaging Testing


  • Communication

  • Semiotics

  • Concept Evaluation

  • Website and App UX/ UI

  • Brand Diagnostics

  • Mystery Shopping

  • Panels


  • Exploratory

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Category Status

  • Triggers and Barriers

  • Laddering

  • Usage and Attitude

  • Cultural deep dives

  • Positioning 

  • Brand Equity

  • Brand Architecture

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Brand Archetype

  • Trend Analysis 

industry focus

Our range of solutions is industry agnostic. We have been carrying out research for a very diverse set of clients across categories where we have deep domain expertise


Digital Media





Asset Management



Real Estate











Syndicated Research

From time to time, based on our internal analysis, we take up research studies on our own. These syndicated  studies typically cover a broad set of industries and are useful for forming a general perspective about consumer trends. 

Our latest offering in this space is specific to impact of COVID on consumer behaviour in India. As observers of consumer behaviour these panels provided us with a perfect opportunity to journey with the consumer throughout the lockdown and understand the reset that was taking place. 



Married men (28-40 yrs) 

Married women (26-38 yrs)

Boys (18-22 yrs)

Girls (18-22 yrs)

Children (12-15)












And continuing...



Family & Relationships

Media habits



Health & Fitness





Physical to Online

With insights that we have discovered organizations will be able to gauge what trends are temporary and what are here to stay. The findings can be used to take a more informed call on how to recalibrate their  engagement with consumers and rework their business strategies. A very small sample of our findings related to media are demonstrated in the video below 


Research Education

As passionate researchers we also love to impart knowledge on qualitative research. These are often conducted in classroom format on requests from client organizations as well as colleges. There are multiple levels of curriculum we have designed for the same. 

  • Appreciation of Qualitative Research ( Basic, half day)

  • Getting the most out of your qualitative research projects (Intermediate, half day)

  • Conducting qualitative research (Intermediate, 1 day) 

  • Advanced methods in qualitative research (Advanced, 1 day) 


Data Collection is at the core of  Qualitative Research. Design of research projects need to ensure most appropriate methodology depending on research objectives, target audience and context. 

Our research methodologies can be broadly classified into three categories


Traditional methods involve face to face interactions with consumers leveraging  projective or immersion techniques to  elicit unbiased, meaningful and relevant data.

  • Focus Groups

  • Depth Interviews

  • Workshops

  • Panels

  • Audit Panels

  • Ethnography

  • Also includes remote mediums like telephone, audio/video conferencing etc. 


Adoption of smart phones has resulted in a whole range of drastically new methods that are convenient, provide  richer insights (multimedia, creative) , faster results, reduced transmission loss (engagement with consumers at 'moment of truth')  or allow engagement over long periods of time, and collaborate asynchronously. 

  • In-moment research

  • Mobile ethnography

  • Netnography

  • Mobile audits / forensics

  • Online  communities & panels

  • Mobile diaries

  • Pre-tasks & post tasks

  • Dial Testing

These may be used standalone, or in conjunction with other traditional or biosciences methods. 


Research has taken an interesting turn with adoption of medical concepts into research with technologies available at affordable price points. These technologies help us peep into consumer subconscious with greater accuracy. This enables us to probe consumers in more pointed manner to discover far more meaningful insights than is possible with just traditional methods. It is however important to choose the right method and be able to interpret the results to get desired outputs. 

These cannot be used standalone and have to be used in conjunction with traditional methods 

different biosciences methods

Digital Methods

eye tracking

Sophisticated eye tracking equipment, helps capture insights into the visual attention of consumers. The technology captures exactly what is being looked at, for how long, and also the gaze pattern while viewing stimulus to help us understand the areas of interest, attention points and what is being missed. This data is invaluable in helping probe respondents when conducting UX/UI studies or packaging studies

Encephalogram(EEG) or Brainwave is ECG equivalent of a brain. This technology helps tremendously in measuring emotions, cognitive overload, arousal, attention, engagement levels of respondents. During concept testing, this data allows researchers to probe respondents in very sharp and precise manner.


Heart Rate or Pulse or BPM (beats per minute) is a good indication of arousal. Juxtaposed with other indicators it is able to pin point at what time of stimulus exposure did pulse go up or down  and researchers can focus on those moments and  probe the consumers on what trigerred those swings


Galvanic Skin Response is the technology used in lie detector tests.  It works on change in surface current of skin and indicates heightened arousal. Spikes and dips in GSR graph are used as data points to probe further


New Age Research 

Methods, Frameworks & Tools

As practitioners of qualitative research, we have seen research needs evolve dramatically especially in  last two decades .  Disruptive technologies and underlying change to consumer behavior have thrown up newer research patterns - totally new areas and problem statements


Basis our experiences and learnings, in addition to new age methods described in methods section above (digital methods & biosciences methods), we have developed frameworks that help us in solving these newer research problems with a structured approach. These frameworks ensure that  all new projects benefit from the cumulative learnings till date and we deliver sharper insights to our clients in an optimal manner

​​DIGILIFE- a unique mobile app that has been developed specifically for data collection needs in qualitative research as also facilitate newer research methods like  in-moment research, mobile-ethnography, mobile-diaries, mobile panels and communities. And while doing so it protects data confidentiality and address privacy issues. 

DRAGONFLY CUSTOMER JOURNEY FRAMEWOK  brings to life customer experiences during their engagement with products and services in form of triggers, barriers, high-low emotions thus providing holistic insights to product development, marketing, sales and service teams

DRAGONFLY UI FRAMEWORK used in evaluating websites and apps provides holistic insights on four dimensions Navigation, Content, Presentation & Interaction

DRAGONFLY REMOTE UI FRAMEWORK an extension of our UI framework, this allows us to conduct UI research remotely with zero transmission loss. 

DRAGONFLY D4 FRAMEWORK  (Discover, Discuss, Design, Deploy) - leverages design thinking concepts to cover the entire life cycle of product development 

DRAGONFLY EYE TRACKING LAB is an exclusive in-house lab  to conduct UI research using sophisticated eye tracking equipment. 

DRAGONFLY NEUROSCIENCES uses technologies like  EEG, GSR, Dial testing etc. to collect data from sub-conscious and use these data points to engage with consumers for richer and more meaningful insights. 

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